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Alex Stephan

Alex Stephan
(509) 372-6056
Principal Investigator

Alex Stephan is a Senior Scientist and Technical Team Lead at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, focused principally on the Geospatial Sciences during his 20 years at the lab. Alex specializes in image and geospatial analysis, and programming geographic information systems and imagery analysis applications. He has been the project manager and principle investigator on numerous R&D and analysis projects in the fields of geospatial analysis, including imagery analysis, terrain modeling, hydrologic analysis, change detection, and others.

He was previously a software programmer writing software applications to analyze and exploit geospatial data including modeling chemical weapons plumes, automatic feature extraction from hyperspectral imagery, emergency management, and transportation network analysis among others.

His current work focuses on WMD nonproliferation issues and the water/energy nexus.

Alex received his undergraduate degree from Washington State University and resides in Washington State.

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