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Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens
(509) 375-2879
Principal Investigator

Andrew Stevens is a machine-learning scientist. He began working at PNNL in 2009 after finishing his MS in mathematics at Washington State University, where he worked on numerical partial differential equations. He is currently pursuing a PhD at Duke University. He also holds a BA in mathematics and applied computer science from William Penn University. Since joining the lab, Andrew has worked on a number of projects in computer vision, data analysis, numerical analysis, and control. He has worked on applications ranging from diesel after-treatment (environment) to target identification and tracking (security). His current research interests stem from core developments made during the Signature Discovery initiative compressive sensing project—he was the principal investigator during the final year of the project. Lately, he has been focusing on Bayesian machine learning and compressive sensing with specific applications in electron microscopy and hyperspectral imaging.

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