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Cliff Joslyn

Cliff Joslyn
(206) 528-3042
Principal Investigator

Cliff Joslyn is the Chief Scientist for Knowledge Sciences at PNNL. As a mathematical systems theorist, he has broad interest and experience in a range of mathematical modeling and analytical methods, with specific research interest in discrete mathematics, topological data modeling, applied order theory, semantic technologies, knowledge discovery in databases, computational semiotics, and generalized information theory. He holds a BA with High Honors from Oberlin College in Cognitive Science and Mathematics, and an MS and a PhD in Systems Science from SUNY Binghamton. Dr. Joslyn led the Semantic Workflows project for SDI, researching semantic technologies for information integration in scientific workflows. His other work includes topological data modeling for multi-INT integration, discrete modeling for cyber systems analysis, lattice theoretical approaches to the integration of large semantic hierarchies for homeland defense, high and performance analysis of massive semantic network data. Past work includes hypothesis modeling for threat anticipation, knowledge representation for bioinformatics, multidimensional database analysis for law enforcement, qualitative modeling for spacecraft diagnosis, knowledge systems development and integrated modeling for nuclear non-proliferation, and generalized information theory for engineering decision support and risk analysis.

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