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Jennifer B. Webster

Jennifer B. Webster
(509) 372-4424
Principal Investigator

Dr. Jennifer Webster is a Mathematician and joined the Applied Statistics and Computational Modeling group at PNNL in 2013. Her work includes machine learning; inverse problems; spectral analysis for nuclear engineering applications; computer vision methodologies; and graph analysis methods. She has had co-PI roles on two LDRD projects: SDI’s Challenge Project “Signatures of Illicit Nuclear Trafficking” and the Lab level LDRD “Strategic Goods Testbed.” She has worked previously as an intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory on several projects, including numerical methods for modeling Compton scattering in high-energy regimes, and x-ray image analysis.

Dr. Webster graduated in August of 2013 with a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Texas A&M University where she completed her dissertation on cost-sensitive classification methods as applied to the radiation portal monitor problem of Dr. Wolfgang Bangerth and funded by a DHS DNDO ARI Large Research Grant. She also has degrees in History (B.A.) and Applied Mathematics (B.A.) from University of California at San Diego.

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