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About the Signature Discovery Initiative

PNNL's Signature Discovery team has developed a formal process for signature discovery that transforms signature development to become

  • More efficient by reducing trial-and-error and decreasing the time to discovery a signature
  • More economical by delivering methods and tools that allow users to reuse, rather than reinvent, the resources needed to construct, detect, and validate signatures
  • More rigorous by providing robust and well-defined processes for signature discovery


Modern signatures often involve features from many different data types. Signatures are most useful when they are easily interpreted by decision-makers.

Key questions

  • How do we best select features from multiple measurement sources to construct our signature?
  • How do we detect signatures in "real world" environments?
  • How do we assess the quality of a signature and compare different signatures?
  • How do we recognize change and adapt signatures to dynamic phenomena?
  • Is this process generalizable across domains?



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