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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Advanced Statistical Network Models for the Integration of Experimental and Open Source Textual Data for Bioforensic Analyses

Principle Investigator: 

This research is developing a statistical framework for generating composite signatures that will enable investigators in bioforensic programs to integrate disparate data forms and trace them back to their sources. The first set includes traditional experimental forensic approaches including chemical composition to determine culture media, genomic information, and proteomic data. The second set contains analytical information about the capabilities required to grow the sample.

In this research, the signature establishes a framework for determining the origins of microbial pathogens found in many contexts including food contamination (e.g., salmonella outbreaks) or biological terrorism (e.g., anthrax threats). This research also lays the groundwork for similar forensic investigations into chemical or radiological threats.

Project Staff: 
Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson, Court Corley, Kelly Domico, Helen Kreuzer, Lee Ann McCue, Liam McGrath,
| Pacific Northwest National Laboratory