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Data-intensive Algorithms for Bioinformatics-Inspired Signal Detection

Principle Investigator: 

This project involves the development of a software library to encapsulate the statistical model layer of (BLAST) calculations by providing an abstraction of currently hard-coded elements in the NCBI distribution of the BLAST algorithm source code. Through this abstraction, researchers will provide a mechanism for users to create domain-specific sequence models. The key developments that will provide this functionality are: 1) generalization of the core BLAST algorithm for general purpose signature detection; 2) development and implementation of profile-based methods; and 3) development and implementation of graph-based methods for nonserializable signatures.

This library will be used to implement non-biological statistical models for string-based and graph-based similarity calculations for non-biological strings such as those in cybersecurity domains.

Project Staff: 
Chris Oehmen, Doug Baxter, Dan Best, Kevin Glass, Elena Peterson, Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson
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