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Forensic Analysis with Time Stamped Coincidence Sampled Gamma Radiation Spectroscopy

Principle Investigator: 

This project will develop a signature construction methodology for applications that include both exploratory data analysis of large volumes of measurement data and physics-based forward models that describe how the data are related to the phenomenon of interest. Often, cutting edge sensors produce measurement data that require novel analysis for signature discovery and detection. This is also true for this application, and it will focus on developing methods to detect the signatures of radio-isotopes in data collected by the PNNL direct simultaneous measurement instrument. PNNL has collected terabytes of time-stamped, coincidence-sampled, gamma-ray spectral data with the direct simultaneous measurement instrument. These data consist of fission product gamma-ray measurements. Valuable nuclear forensic information is contained within this large dataset. However, spectral analysis tools do not exist to extract this important information. Of particular interests are short-lived isotopes and accurate characterization of isotopes in the presence of interference.

Project Staff: 
Mark Tardiff, Larry Chilton, Ryan Hafen, Judah Friese, Marty Keillor, Jeremy Kephart
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