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Semantic Workflows for Signature Discovery

Principle Investigator: 

Researchers are developing methods, measures, and algorithms to partially automate the construction of signature discovery workflows and to identify new composite signatures. A workflow built to serve one domain (e.g., bioforensics or biomarker discovery) may have individual analytic components, portions of analytic workflows, or entire analytic workflows that are also useful in another domain (e.g., chemical forensics or insider threat discovery, respectively). These similarities identified in workflows and their components provide software services to the analytic framework in order to provide capabilities to reveal these to users using familiar language and concepts, and provide means for them to exploit opportunities to reuse existing components and workflows with potentially some modification. Most importantly, researchers support the capability to discover opportunities for reuse and integration of signature workflows and their components that are not apparent at first observation. 

Project Staff: 
Cliff Joslyn, Emilie Hogan, Scott Butner, Alan Chappell, Patrick Paulson, Dennis Thomas, Eric Stephan
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