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Signatures of Illicit Trafficking of Strategic Goods (SINT)

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The SINT project uses SDI tools on large, heterogeneous, and messy data sets to discover signatures of procurement networks. We are employing SDI's GraphScape software to compare networks over time, across companies, and spanning industries. We are conducting exploratory data analysis to recognize patterns and anomalies within the data at the transaction, company, and industry-level. That understanding will support our use of SDI's MLSTONES software to do time sequence analysis. Finally, we are using Bayesian network models developed in SDI's Multi-Source Signatures of Nuclear Programs and other PNNL projects to combine multiple data sets and analyses into a single environment to support answering questions about a specific transaction or collection of transactions, actors within a network, or the network as a whole.


Demonstrated the capability to automate the identification of procurement networks, characterize those networks, establish standards for "normal" behavior patterns within those networks, and aggregate information from subject matter experts and mathematical approaches.

Project Staff: 
Zoe Gastelum, Jenny Webster, Tye Blackburn, Luke Erikson, Kirsten McNeil
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Signatures of Illicit Nuclear Trafficking

The Signatures of Illicit Nuclear Trafficking of Strategic Goods (SINT) project applies the PNNL Signature Discovery Initiative tools and methods to establish a more rigorous and efficient approach to detect and characterize procurement networks dealing in dual-use and strategic nuclear technologies
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