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What is the problem you are trying to solve? Who are the stakeholders and why should they care about this? How do we accelerate the process of signature discovery? Currently, most systems start from scratch each time they are used, forcing each user to work in isolation. Can we leverage the work of... read more
glmnetLRC is an R package that makes it easy to construct a binary classifier from virtually any number of quantitative predictors that will assign an example, or observation, to one of two classes. It extends the glmnet package by making it possible to train lasso or elastic-net logistic... read more
 Our approach is to use service-oriented and enterprise integration architecture techniques to offer tools developed under the initiative as web services that can be "plugged together" in different combinations to perform various signature discovery tasks. LIFT supports integrating tools developed... read more
qFeature is an R package for extracting features from continuous or discrete time series. These features can then be used as inputs to multivariate statistical procedures like clustering, dimensionality reduction, and classification. qFeature constructs the features by using moving windows of... read more
Signature systems designed to detect, predict, or characterize a phenomenon of interest are developed by scientists and engineers in a wide variety of contexts. Regardless of the domain, every signature discovery effort needs a transparent approach for evaluating the quality of the resultant... read more
Trelliscope is a powerful visualization tool for large data that allows users to rapidly render customized graphics that are both detailed (i.e., drilled-down) and interpretable across large datasets — and then filter and sample the results to focus on examples that share common traits or... read more
Our approach is to leverage prior work in semantic interaction to formalize signatures based on user interactions. We plan to develop a prototype of the workspace to test our hypothesis that signatures can be inferred from the user exploratory user interactions and analytic processes performed.... read more
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