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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Laboratory Integration Framework and Toolset (LIFT)

 Our approach is to use service-oriented and enterprise integration architecture techniques to offer tools developed under the initiative as web services that can be "plugged together" in different combinations to perform various signature discovery tasks. LIFT supports integrating tools developed in any programming language, cloud architecture, or high performance computing platform. In developing the architecture, special care was taken to create a system that would support PNNL's long-term transformational analytic strategy and LDRD reinvestment by making it highly maintainable, modular, extensible, and deployable in various combinations to suit the needs of PNNL customers.


The LIFT software:

  • Introduces the first platform for Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) that is focused on signature discovery
  • Adapts to client needs by allowing them to pick and choose the tools needed to address their particular signature development needs and deploy it to their environment of choice
  • Provides reusability and reinvestment through extensible software deployments
  • The analytic framework cloud capability enables traditional and HPC analytics.
Additional Staff: 
Ryan LaMothe, Tim Stavenger, Landon Sego, Peter Nordquist, Darren Curtis, William Vilwock, and Dimitri Zarzhitsky
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