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The Fishing for Features Signature Discovery project developed a framework for discovering signature features in challenging environments involving large and complex data sets or where phenomena may be poorly characterized or understood. Researchers at PNNL have applied the framework to the optimization of biofuels blending and to discover signatures of climate change on microbial soil communities
The Signatures of Illicit Nuclear Trafficking of Strategic Goods (SINT) project applies the PNNL Signature Discovery Initiative tools and methods to establish a more rigorous and efficient approach to detect and characterize procurement networks dealing in dual-use and strategic nuclear technologies
PNNL's Signature Discovery Initiative addresses challenges in energy, environment, national security, fundamental sciences and more. PNNL is actively looking for opportunities to collaborate with researchers and analysts in new domains to apply the signature discovery process to new and interesting challenges.
Finding a time-ordered signature within large graphs is a computationally complex problem due to the combinatorial explosion of potential patterns. GRADIENT is designed to search and understand that problem space.
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